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Watching your diet, exercising regularly and maintaining a weight within 25-30 pounds of your ideal should be enough to achieve the body you want. But most of us know that’s just not the case. Even those adults at or close to their weight goal can still find it extremely difficult to get rid of problem areas, including:

  • Thigh jiggle
  • Abdominal flab
  • Double chin
  • Upper-arm flaps
  • "Love handles"
  • Hip rolls
  • Loose neck skin or "wattle"
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Sound familiar? It’s natural! Everybody – and every body – has fat deposits in certain places that simply refuse to respond to toning, weight-training or calisthenics. Maintaining a healthy weight is a good way to keep your body fit overall, but it won’t help get rid of the folds, flab and jiggle in those annoying places where extra weight just seems to stick.

At The Plastic Surgery Group, a leading Chattanooga liposuction center, we can help. Our physicians and staff have helped hundreds of patients like you to eliminate the fat from problem areas through procedures such as laser liposuction, tumescent liposuction, tummy tucks, and other forms of body sculpting.

Why choose The Plastic Surgery Group?

Our leading Chattanooga lipo center is uniquely positioned to help patients achieve the lean, trim silhouette they desire. Among the advantages we offer Chattanooga area patients include the following:

  • Individualized care and treatment from a team of leading board-certified physicians who are liposuction specialists
  • A clean, private office environment staffed by professionals who make your safety, comfort and confidence their highest priority
  • A range of options designed to target your problem areas, including SmartLipo™, one of the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures
  • Liposuction, laser lipo and body sculpting services overseen by an experienced and highly professional staff
  • Additional services including rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and forehead lifts
  • Aesthetic services including facial enhacements, laser treatments, Botox, Juvederm, Restylane and Aculptra
  • Extended office hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
  • Special pricing: $1200 per area*

There are many different ways in which liposculpting and body contouring can help you to get the shape you want. The physicians and staff at our leading Chattanooga lipo center can advise you as to what approach would be best for your particular goals. If you are interested in liposuction, body sculpting, or other cosmetic procedures and live in or near metropolitan Chattanooga, Asheville, Dalton, Calhoun, Birmingham, Knoxville, Murfreesboro, Eastridge, McMinnville, Shelbyville, Athens, Dalton, Rome, Huntsville, LaFayette, Trion or Gadsden, call today to schedule a consultation.

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